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Stronger Than Time

19th September 2018 - By 
CGI Commercial Strong Than time

Martin Woelke and Ole Peters and thier team over at SEHSUCHT created this visually stunning CGI Commercial for the The new Mercedes Benz G-Class.

Mercedes-BenzStronger Than Time

A timeless vehicle that was to become an icon through the years. A landmark of automotive engineering, it’s DNA preserved in 44 tons of Amber, now reborn in the all new Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

To prove that the legend lives on in the new 2018 models, Ole Peters and the team transitioned between macro perspectives of amber resin, vast landscapes and epic urban structures.

Iconic life worlds – moving images and print motifs

The 45-second trailer for the publicity campaign has been available on social media platforms since early January In impressive images, underscored by dramatic music, the video shows how the G‑C lass has kept its unique DNA intact over generations. This is how a timeless vehicle evolved from it to become a legend over the years. In the official campaign video, which can also be seen on social media channels at, the different lifeworlds are focused on in individual image sequences.

The making-of Stronger Than Time

Check out the website and stills here:

Don’t forget to take a look at more work from:


Client: Daimler AG

  • Campaign Management: Campaign Management: Ian James, Petra Wilmking, Janina Kunze
  • Agency: antoni, Berlin
  • Account Management: Robin Weintraut
  • Creative Direction: Martin Pross, Tilman Gossner
  • Art Director: Matthias Bauer
  • Copy Writer: Alexander Holtz
  • Producer: Mark Rotà
  • Production: Sehsucht, Hamburg
  • Director: Ole Peters
  • Executive Producer: Jan Tiller
  • Producers: Tanya Curnow, Stephan Reinsch
  • Service Production Spain: Myway Production, Tina Dobslaw, Rita Gil
  • DOP: Bernd Wondollek
  • Design: Axel Brötje, Julius Brockelmann, Caroline Goehner
  • 3D Lead: Daniel Jahnel, Timo von Wittken
  • 3D: Juan Pablo Brockhaus, Sebastian Welti, Jannes Kreyenberg, Max Zachner, Thure Koch, Ben Watts, Florian Breg, Rafael Vicente, Alexander Siquans, Hannes Gerl, Christoph Gaudl
  • Additional Assets: Maurice Jochem, Ivan Vasiljevic & Digital Asset Tailors
  • Compositing Lead: Florian Zachau
  • Compositing: Jona Maluck, Alexander von der Lippe, Patrick Altmeier, Christian Reimann
  • Motion Design: Mitra Navab-Pour
  • Edit: Artur Jagodda, Sabine Panek
  • Storyboard: Malte Romainczyk
  • Music & Sound Design: Yessian Music
  • Producer: Ulrich Witt
  • Sound Engineers: Max Fritz, Michel Riecken, Robin Großkopf
  • Music Epic Trailer: ‘Judge & Jury’ by Paul Dinletir, Audiomachine
  • Voice Over Recording: Loft Studios Berlin

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