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Fusion 360 for Games

25th April 2018 - By 

Stefan Wacker a Senior 3D Artist has shared another exclusive article with the Luxxlabs community. This time, the artist shared some tips on the way you can use Fusion 360 for games.


In the last few years Fusion 360 became very popular among 3D artists.
Its capabilities of dealing with complex booleans and edge beveling of difficult forms made it the tool of choice for more and more hard surface artists.

A downside has always been the mesh triangulation if you want to export your CAD model for usage in games.

This is what a common export looks like.

It is okay for rendering a concept e.g. in Keyshot.
For unwrapping or further editing, it would be a mess.
There are workarounds to untriangulate the exported .stl or .obj., but let me show you a way of exporting a rock solid n-gon mesh for making it game ready.

Let’s start in Fusion …

… and create something.

Next, go to the export tab and save your project as a .sat file.

It’s time for a Moment of Inspiration

Like Fusion 360, Moi 3D is one of my favorite 3D programs out there. Now load the .sat file in Moi 3d and again, hop to the export tab.

Save the asset as a .lwo (lightwave) file.

You have got full control over the polycount in the Moi 3D exporter.


In Modo, you can open the .lwo file. 
 Now look at this:

All your bodies from Fusion 360 are available as perfect editable n-gon meshes.
You can unwrap and edit the asset and push it to Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3D, etc.

Have fun!

Stefan Wacker, Senior 3D Artist

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