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Attract customers to your 3D model and increase sales

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    This thread explains the most important factors on how you can attract more customers to your 3D models, optimize pricing and assess quality. If you work on them you can substantially increase the traffic, optimize conversion and at the end increase sales.

    Basically, to attract more customers to your 3D model pages you need to understand SEO. If you are not familiar with the term it’s Search Engine Optimization, or methodology on how to increase positions of any webpage on Google. Majority of customers start looking for 3D models on Google (60-70%), so your goal is to make your 3D model page appear at the top in the Google listings when a customer searches for related keywords like “spaceship 3d model” or whatever your model is. Here are the most important things.

    – Backlinks. After publishing your model on Luxxlabs, go to external sites like forums or if you have your personal website and create backlinks to your model’s page. Links are essential as Google sorting algorithm rely heavily on them. The more links you create to your product page the higher your model will appear in Google. But don’t abuse by spamming links everywhere as nobody like it and those links might be deleted soon. Also Google always looks how relevant linked pages are. So the best way is to place them on related 3D sites/pages where you think your model would provide some value. For example you can search 3D forums or blogs where someone asks for the related 3D model, refer him to your model’s page and offer him it for free or at a discounted price. Another effective way is to create your personal blog on platforms like wordpress or and everytime make a post with a link to your 3D model page. It costs nothing and takes little time. Some sellers use this tactic very effectively. It is important to name/anchor the link with related keywords like “Eiffel tower 3d model”.

    – Create a fragment or incomplete version of your model, publish it as free on Luxxlabs and place a link in the description that will lead to the complete version of your model. This way you will let customer to test your model, and create additional link to your priced model. Some sellers go as far as to publishing fragmented free models on external repositories like sketchup warehouse and adding links back to their Luxxlabs model pages. Such links are extremely related in terms of the content and have high value.

    – Create non-shallow, related and unique descriptions. This is probably the second most important factor after backlinks. If you don’t bother writing informative descriptions two bad things happen: 1) potential customers will not get the needed information about the product and might not risk buying it 2) Google will treat is as a shallow content page because it will not find much relevant and unique information on that page. By saying relevant and unique I mean natural informative text with a lot of technical and product related information. What is your product about, how it was created, all technical information like textures, polygons, shaders, software, etc. act as related important keywords for Google.

    – Descriptive and meaningful titles. Google considers title as the most important part of the page, therefore you need to write meaningful and descriptive titles. The best way is to write 4-6 keywords, some of them should be specific and some of them more general, for example: (Sony Speakers – Home Theater Sound System). Don’t write too specific words like names (Bob, X-31, etc.) or too generic (quality, best, detailed, etc.), rarely anyone search for them.

    – Be sure the description is original and non-duplicate. Google usually finds thousands of duplicate content pages and tries to decide which of them is original or more valuable. So if you first publish your model on other marketplaces like Turbosquid and then on Luxxlabs (copy/pasting description, title etc.), Google most likely will treat your Luxxlabs model page as duplicate and hide in search results. In that sense your Turbosquid and Luxxlabs model pages compete with each other (considering you wrote non-shallow unique description). If you want to drive more traffic to your Luxxlabs 3D model, publish it first, add external links, then after a few days on other sites.

    – Share on social networks like FB, TW, G+ (especially on Google+). Google and other search engines increasingly use social shares as quality signals. It is very easy and takes no time.

    – Category / Demand. With our current traffic volume, the best selling models on average get 120 views per month. Models with medium sales (1-2 lifetime sales) usually get 40 views/month. Models without any sales get 18 views/month. These are just averaged numbers, but they are useful for indicating the demand from organic traffic perspective, or how well your model performs in attracting customers. It depends on category and how specific your model is.

    How to increase conversion.

    – Conversion. If your models have a lot of pageviews but low sales (low conversion), it means that there might be some quality issues or the price is too high. Sales rate of the best selling models is usually 100-150 views/sale. Medium selling models rate is 500 views/sale. So if you don’t get any sale when your model has 1,000 views, then you need to work more on quality factors or adjust the price.

    – Price / Quality ratio. High quality/detail models usually sell at $100-200. Medium quality models sell on average at $40-50. First, try to objectively assess the quality/detail level of your model. What rating would you give on scale of 1-10 in terms of quality and time to make it, and also compared to the best ones on Luxxlabs? If it is 5-6 or it doesn’t take much time to make it from scratch, then it will likely sell better at $40-50 price tag or less.

    – Representation. If you get views, the quality is good enough and the price is decent but the sales are still low, then work on the representation of the model. These are well known things: publish at least 5-10 images with wireframes, work on illumination and shaders – renders must be crisp and clear, sharpen them a bit, export model to several formats, always write informative description and title. This topic on its own is big enough to be presented separately.

    Hope you found it helpful. Let me know if you have any questions or share your own tactics to help us drive more customers to Luxxlabs!


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