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Preparing for Publishing

Before publishing your 3D model for sale, run down this checklist and make sure you’ve done everything possible to make your model sell.

  • Create a professional signature image.
  • Create at least one rendered turntable of the entire model 65 frames at 30 frames per second at 800px X 600px will be accepted also wireframe.
  • In addition to the signature image, create at least five still rendered thumbnails at 1268 x 951 or above, if you already have you images set to 1024px width this should not be a problem.
  • Create at least two wireframe stills and one wireframe turntable.
  • If UVs are unwrapped, save an image of the unwrapped UVs to use as a thumbnail.
  • Name your textures and materials intelligently, and strip out all map paths.
  • Be sure to save the model with the lighting you used in the featured image. Customers like to render the model “out of the box” and see the same result they saw in the featured image.
  • Export the model to as many other file formats as you can, especially generic file formats like OBJ and FBX. This will make your model accessible to as many customers as possible.
  • Package the models with the textures included in each zip file.
  • Note the poly count and vertex count without subdivision. You’ll need this when publishing.

Packaging Textures

Because most customers download only one file format, it’s best to package all textures with each file format supplied with your model. Make it easy on your customers and package all the textures with each file format. That way, a customer will download the file format and the textures at the same time, and there won’t be any confusion. If you find that the model is too big for upload try putting your textures into a separate .rar file this should not be a problem as we will correct it on our end.


If your product is over 100mb we have a dropbox guide if all else fails, but this is a last resort our uploader is capable of uploading 10 GB Max. file size Dropbox Upload Guide.

Bulk Import

Are you too busy to submit your models for reviewing? Use our upload form (FREE of charge) If you already have your products submited on other marketplaces just enter the URL submit your files and we will do the rest of the leg work for you, we know what we are doing and we know you are far to busy to be sat there entering prices and descriptions on every product! It’s no hassle at all for us, we are just trying to make your life easier.

If you already have your products set with the product information just upload this in a txt file, all we need is the:

  • Title of the product
  • Price
  • Formats
  • Polycount
  • Vert Count
  • Description

Click here to get started

Submitting your product for review

We ask all our users to please allow up to 24 hours before our admins can check the files and publish them live.

Click the add product button on the main menu in your dashboard.

Enter your product title choose wisely as this will have an impact on the search engines:


Enter your description and try to include as much information about the 3d model as you can, look at it from a buyers point of view:


Set the price of your product, if you have already decided a price then great but if you are struggling here is a little advice.

For instance take 500$ divide it by 25 hours work time. You get 20$ per hour. Here in UK that’s about £15 per hour. A cleaning person gets the same here or even more. Don’t sell your work for less, only to get a sale or because someone says so.


Uploading your product and image previews, we ask that you upload at least 5 preview images in color, a few in clay render and some wire frame renders. The more images preview images you have you’ll increase the chance of making a sale.


Set the format of the software used for your product. If you are uploading multiple formats please name the .rar, .zip file logically eg: Humvee-3ds.rar, Humvee-c4d.rar, Humvee-max etc.

Our admins will set the rest of the information for you on the products page prior to publishing live.


Upload your featured image we specify that the image should be 980PX X 700PX if you have already pre rendered these out at a certain resolution just upload the image and we will do the rest for you.


Setting a video animation or showcase of your 3d model using Youtube, Vimeo or Sketchfab etc! Just place the url in this feild and the rest will take care of it’s self.


Choose a category for your product to fall under we have a large amount so just the checkbox which is appropriate to your product:


Adding tags to your product so customers can filter quickly:


Adding details about the geomtry of the product:


Defining the rest of the products information:


Finalising the product for submission, once the product has been submitted please allow up to 24 hours and one of our admins will check that everything is ok and then it will be published.