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Are you too busy to submit your models for reviewing? Use our upload form (FREE of charge) If you already have your products submited on other marketplaces just enter the URL to your profile submit your files and we will do the rest for you, we know what we are doing! No hassle at all.

If you already have your products set with the product information just upload this in a txt file, all we need is the:

  • Title of the product
  • Price
  • Formats & Version
  • Renderer Used & Version
  • Polycount
  • Vert Count
  • Materials Yes or No
  • Textures Yes or No
  • UV Mapping
  • Description


Please use our uploader and send us all the files required to publish your products, please keep product preview images and description file in a separate .rar files along with the product files.

  • This is the username you registered with or your store front username. E.g: luxxlabs.com/shop/Luxxlabs
  • Please specify the url to your profile on other marketplaces with these published products.
  • E.g: 0 - 10

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