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Dark Mountain

5th May 2016 - By 
Dark Mountain Terrain | 3D Models |

How to use sub polygon displacement in Cinema 4D, I recently have been playing a lot with sub polygon displacement, and i wanted to try out some fun things you can make with it.

Dark Mountain Terrain

I have also recently downloaded the free version of World Machine as i have not yet played around with it! i reccomend you go grab a copy of it because it’s so much fun to play with and the UI and UX i really good, it took me a few minutes to understand what everything did but it’s a very initiative application and i found my self creating some crazy looking landscapes in no time.

It also took a bit of time on how to export out the textures channels and alpha maps and then build all them back up inside Cinema 4D using the Fusion channel and Protection channel combined with the masks. You can build up most of the textures inside World Machine but i just exported the basic maps out .

Lighting and Texturing

For the GI lighting i found this cool looking sky texture from Hyperfocal Designs obviously it’s not the full HDR images but hey it will do for this scene. I also use a cool little plugin called sIBL if none of you have ever heard of it, it helps you convert you HDR images and sets them up into a library for you so when you add it to your scene file it places every thing onto the sky object and set the main light where it should be.

Off the back of all this i looked into creating a good snow shader, a lot of the tutorials online for Cinema 4D and creating a snow shader are quite basic if i am honest! And while i was at it i thought why not do a proper job of it and create an ice shader and a few different rock and moss shaders to go with it.

You can these shaders here for a small price if you would like to use them for a project, they are fully tileable with Diffusion, Occlusion, Bump, Displacement, Specular and Normal maps.

I don’t think i did a bad job of it i mean it could be way better! feel free to give me a comment below on your thoughts, also here is the scene files for everything if you are just getting into World Machine. Download C4D Project Files

Also, if you want to know as soon as new projects are posted keep an eye out on my social media page. As a small token of appreciation could you please follow me on Facebook or Instagram!

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