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18th May 2016 - By 

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has already been praised as one of the top games of the year by every major game reviewer and publication.

  CNET said : “Uncharted 4 is a blockbuster adventure game with a wild and compelling story, biting characters, amazing action and jaw-dropping environments.” 

Obviously I had to emphasis the part about “…jaw-dropping environments” since I love creating worlds in 3D. Personally I think making environments is like playing God; I can craft these gorgeous worlds while simultaneously telling the story of how they developed. This is why environments- especially for games –are such a powerful component for helping push the narrative and gameplay further.

For this next live session, we are privileged to have with us one of these amazing demigods of world creation; Jacob Norris. Jacob is an uber talented senior environment artist at Naughty Dog. He will share his process for creating environments along with some of the tools he’s come to trust to bring his creations to life. So there is need for me to tell you just how special this live session will be (and that you don’t want to miss it). So I’ll just end by saying- I look forward to seeing you on there!



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