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Conversion Request


  • You can find this in the product side bar. E.g #10879
  • You will be limited to 5 conversions per week, and this only applies to paid products! Free products are excluded in this service.
    What Can I Expect?

    Timeframe: Conversions are completed, on average, within 72 hours of the request. Please note that support resources are limited on weekends and holidays. Wait times during these periods may be longer.

    Topology: Topology may be triangulated and not quad-based.

    Materials: Materials many not exactly match renders from the previews, and you may need to re-apply textures in your application.

    Rigging/animation: Rigging and animations will not be preserved in the converted file.

    Collections: Collections of models are not eligible for conversion.

    3d printing: The majority of our models are intended for use in visualization projects and are not created with 3d printing in mind. A conversion for printable content may not be possible.

    Pre-purchase conversion requests: If you request a conversion prior to purchasing, please update your support ticket once you have purchased. A support agent will then send you links to download the converted file.

  • You can find this in the product side bar eg: #10879
  • We will send you a confirmation email once the model is ready.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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