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3D Car Environment Lighting

19th February 2019 - By 
Cinema 4D Environment Car Lighting Tutorial

3D Car Environment Lighting Tutorial, in this tutorial I show you how to set up this scene in Cinema 4D.

3D Car Environment Lighting Tutorial in Cinema 4D

If you read the last free tutorial on car studio lighting in Cinema 4D, I have shown you how to set up a basic 3 point light setup using area lights and planes with luminance materials on them to project reflections. Here nothing has changed and i have done exactly the same thing.

Light setup

Just like the previous tutorial, i have set up a 3 point light using area lights and area shadows along with inverse square physically accurate fall off, depending on your scene you might need to adjust these lights.

I have also used planes with gradient materials in the luminance channel and set this to multiply to increase the brightness of the reflection on the car paint.

3D Car Environment Lighting

Scene setup

I’ve got a basic scene set up with various rectangular cubes and planes inside cloners for the side walls roof and floor, each of the materials have a few different variations of concrete textures all built up in the colour channel inside a layer, then i just use the blend modes to get the best results.

3d Car Environment scene setup

Floor material

The floor material with puddles is build up of many noises and textures inside of a layer channel in the colour channel, a copy of this is placed in the diffuse channel and the bump channel to simulate small ripples on the water. To see all of the settings for this material see the video below as i go more into details about the noises used and the scale of the mapping.

3d Car Environment Lighting Wet Floor

Environment lights setup

Environment lights setup consists of rectangular cubes with luminance materials on them with an off white to yellow colour set, the material is set to around 320% along with again area lights and area shadows along with inverse square physically accurate fall off, all of this has been placed in anther cloner object.

These lights have been placed inside a symmetry object, and i made a copy of the cloner lights for the centre of the ceiling.

3d Car Environment Lightings Setup

Various spotlights have been set in place around the car to brighten up the areas that are dark, i have also left a gap in the side of the roof and at the rear of the scene to let sunlight flood in, i also set up a parallel visible spotlight for the back wall which simulates bloomed light flooding in.

3d Car Environment Lightings Setup Clay Render

3D Car Paint Material

3D Car Paint Material consists of a layer channel in the colour channels slot, using the graduation filter i bring down the curves slightly to darken the overall look of the shader, using a fresnel inside a layer channel i set this to multiply and lower the percentage of the overall brightness.

Then i below that other fresnel channel with 3 colour knots going from dark to light in the preferred colour i want to use. The reflection channel is just basically set to 100%. there are so many ways to set up a 3d car paint material, but i find this technique to work really well.

3d Car Paint Material

Car Glass Material

This is a basic setup of the glass material for the windows, it’s always a diffucilt one to get right this but just follow these settings and you should get decent results.

3d Car Glass Material

Image Post Processing

For the post-processing of the image, I did a little touch-up work and made the light blooms look a lot brighter! I have added a curves layer for the overall image and another curve layer to lift up the blue channel slightly. Brightness and contrast were added also and exposure to brighten the whole render up, right at the end I add a lens correction with some chromatic aberration and a vignette.

3d Car Render Post Processing

Here are a few more renders!

3d Car Environment Lighting Render Front

3d Car Environment Lightings Top Render Luxxlabs

3d Car Environment Lightings Back Render Luxxlabs

Watch the 3D Car Environment Lighting & Don’t forget to switch to 1080 HD to view this tutorial better!

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We hope you enjoyed this 3d car environment lighting tutorial

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